Our golf courses and clubs can only survive and prosper with community support, therefore we believe it is our obligation to make our community a healthier and fun place to live. Therefore we advocate that our golf clubs reach out to the community and make the course more than a golfing destination but a place where all people can come together and enjoy sport, camaraderie and nature.

This can be achieved through various outreach plans such as:

· Engaging and inviting your neighbours to work together on environmental projects such as Tree Planting or Pest Trapping:


· Engaging with local Iwi to formulate possible cooperation and plans for environmental projects

· Inviting local schools to visit the golf course in a controlled environment for the purpose of hosting outdoor classes etc. It has been shown that children learn and retain knowledge better when such learning is done


· Volunteering your golf course for environmental research projects.

· Hosting environmental and association group meetings.

· Using golf tournaments as a possible opportunity to raise funds for community conservation projects.

· Taking the opportunity to show what you and your golf course are doing to improve the environment via newsletters or the media.

Our children and following generations deserve to grow up in a healthy and sustainable environment. Let’s take the initiative and leave our golf courses in a healthier condition than when we started!