We all know what the impacts are of pollution are on our immediate environment and the rest of the world. New Zealand has some of the strictest laws in the world aimed at preventing pollution. Here is how you can do your part to minimize the risk of pollution on your golf course:

Air Pollution:

New Zealand is known around the world for having some of the cleanest air to breathe. By reducing your CO2 emissions, controlling dangerous spray drift for example you can help to maintain healthy air in your community.

See this video for tips to reduce spray drift:

It is important to adhere to all laws regarding the application of chemicals and all applicators much have the undergone the required certification and training to spray agri chemicals. All golf courses are required to adhere to:

· Resource Management Act of 1991

· Hazardous Substances and new Organisms Act of 1996

· Health and Safety at Work Act of 2015

· Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines Act of 1997

It is a well known fact that Trees form a big part of sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. Did you know that grass is very competitive and is sometime better at sequestering carbon than trees as grass can ‘fix’ more Carbon into the soil than Trees. Here is an interesting article:

Water Pollution:

We all know that New Zealand rivers are vulnerable to water pollution due to Nitrates, Phosphates and other chemicals and toxins. It is our responsibility to know how the fertilizers and chemicals we use could possibly end up in these bodies of water and prevent this from happening. Here is a great link to help give you advice on how to reduce the risks of contaminating local water bodies.

Follow the links on the page for more info:

Solid Waste:

We advocate for a policy of “Recycle, Recycle Recycle!” Liteclub is awesome at helping you to understand your waste products and how to safely recycle and dispose of them with the goal of sending as little as possible to landfill. Contact lightclub for more information and help with successful Recycling Strategies at:

Phone: 09 377 6792


There is also funding available for public place recycling such as golf clubs, check out:

And remember, you can recycle your empty agri-chemical containers for free with AgRecovery!