New Zealand is known for being a very innovative nation. There are many ways in which you can reduce your energy usage and sources and as a result, significantly reduce your Carbon Footprint. These are the energy sources we advocate that golf clubs look for efficiencies in:


We advocate for the careful consideration of using fully renewable sources of electricity. Fortunately, New Zealand is blessed with several electricity providers that produce 100% renewable electricity from Hydro – electric, Geothermal and Wind. There are also many ways to reduce your electricity usage by reducing heat loss in buildings, insulation and improved efficiency of appliances and electric machinery. Our partners in this regard are Liteclub who offer their advice and services free of charge to help you find these efficiencies. Co-founded by world class golfer Michael Campbell, Liteclub has saved clubs around New Zealand over $8 million already and saved more than 8300 tons of CO2 from going into our atmosphere.

Petrol and Diesel:

Petrol and Diesel usage is one of the biggest consumables used to maintain golf courses and as such can be one of the areas where the greatest savings of money and CO2 can be made. Some interesting stats:

· Each litre of petrol burnt produces 2.31kg of CO2!

· Each litre of Diesel burnt produces 2.68kg of CO2!

There are many ways to save diesel and petrol usage including efficient mowing lines and well planned out travel routes between holes and jobs. Technology is ever improving, and new options are available for an increased range of electric machinery which are quieter, reduce operational costs and dramatically lower carbon emissions.This is an example of an interesting case study:

Natural Gas:

Primarily used for heating of buildings due to it being more environmentally friendly than some other options. This energy source is not renewable and is produced with a significant carbon footprint.

LPG Gas:

When it comes to LPG and golf courses it is normally only used for a good ‘ol Friday or Saturday afternoon BBQ which is always a good idea! Make sure the that your LPG Bottles are well stored, looked after and closed properly after each use. It is also interesting to note that each litre of LPG burnt produces 1.51kg of CO2.

Our advisors in this crucial area are Liteclub Please feel free to contact them and they can help you save money and reduce your carbon output.

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