Sustainability Policy Statement:

As custodians of the land on which our golf courses are located the NZGCSA is committed to


in order for golf courses in New Zealand to be able to be managed to the highest possible environmental standards and in so doing aligning our industry with the expectations of our communities and government.

We advocate for our member golf courses to work to improve their sustainability through the following six criteria:

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Across each of these themes we will endeavour to provide our members and golf courses with the tools, guidance and advice needed to help continually deliver environmental goals and outcomes that are also of direct benefit to golfers and to the profitability of clubs. 

OnCourse® New Zealand

We have been working closely with our partners at New Zealand Golf, GEO Foundation and Liteclub to package up all the best practices; guidance and resources; communications materials and other tools into one easy to use sustainability program for NZ golf clubs, club managers and superintendents. It’s called OnCourse® New Zealand. 

You can sign up at and it is designed to help you strengthen the sustainability and profitability of your golf club - providing education and teamwork in the workplace;  professional development; new ideas to help unlock direct cost savings; bringing your committees and members on bard; generating positive publicity and partnerships in the community; and helping you attract new sponsorships, grants and social impact loans for the club.

 There’s a very modest annual membership fee of 280 NZD, subsidised by NZ Golf, which the program pays back many times over in other business benefits!

OnCourse® can be used as a stand alone tool, used a lot or a little, depending on what you want to get from it.  It is also the streamlined pathway to gain the most credible international recognition for sustainable golf - GEO Certified®.  This is an accredited and highly endorsed label, that helps your club present itself as credible leader, with many marketing and communications benefits and a point of pride for your members and visitors.

There are so many golf courses doing fantastic sustainability work in New Zealand already and we hope you will get involved in OnCourse, so we all start to share and promote our great work more strongly. You can see examples of the great sustainability stories coming out of golf clubs in New Zealand and around the golfing world here:

It is a great way to connect with the many thousands of golf courses world wide that are doing their part for the environment and join the movement for sustainable golf. This way your club can easily track, plan and promote the amazing work that is being done, as well as gain recognition and formal certification for your club.

We also recognise other programs - national and international - that can also be of value in different ways.  We encourage members and clubs to use the fantastic services of Liteclub - who can provide cost saving expertise in energy use;  waste management and water efficiency, particularly in and around the clubhouse.  Other clubs are also using the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program, accessing guidance to help with their wildlife practices and habitat management.

The NZGSCA and NZ Golf will support these efforts as much as possible, and may be able to offer grants to pioneer clubs who would like to sign up for OnCourse®.

Please email the NZGCSA for more information.

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