Being such an innovative nation, New Zealand is fortunate to have a well organized, balanced and abundant supply chain for all the needs of our golf clubs. The NZGCSA advocates for the ethical procurement of proudly Kiwi made and owned goods and services. All golf facilities can use their purchasing power to improve the sustainability of their supply chain. By expressing a preference for more sustainable materials and suppliers, positive social and environmental benefits can be widely multiplied.

This is also an important element of golf’s leadership role amongst local businesses and communities.

By supporting local businesses we are encouraging the local economy, securing jobs for our communities and reducing our Carbon footprint. As you can imagine, products that have to be imported from other countries often take longer to arrive, cost more and as a result the amount of CO2 produced to get it to your golf club is considerable. Buying products in bulk also reduces the amount waste your operation generates and has the further advantage of reducing possible operational costs.

Consideration could be given to developing an ‘Ethical and Environmental Purchasing Policy’ and conducting business accordingly.

By supporting local manufacturing of products and services we continue to drive the innovation that our beautiful country and its people are known for.